How to Convert Exchange Mailbox to PST File? Get Solution!

Among most emerging requirements of IT industry, the conversion of Exchange stored mailboxes to Outlook is highly demanded. Usually administrators as well novice users look for most convenient & secure method to extract multiple or extract single mailbox from edb.

(A Strategic Approach – Download EDB Converter >> Scan & Repair Data (if corrupted) >> Extract Entire Mailboxes)

One such application is EDB Converter software i.e. specifically designed by considering current requirements. Expertly convert exchange mailbox to pst along with all associated folders & subfolders. When such magnificent application is put into use then projects results are obtained.

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But first must look into the matter why do we need mailbox backup, what is the best approach for it and what criteria’s must be judged.

Why Do We Need to Backup Exchange Mailboxes to PST in Outlook using Software?

There are several reasons why Exchange mailboxes become inaccessible, explained below. These problematic issues need active recovery applications to overcome following:
  1. Dirty Shutdown or Accidental Server Crashes
  2. Open and access mailboxes without Exchange server installation
  3. Jet engine errors or virus attacks makes information store non-functioning

What Must Be Considered While Extracting Mailboxes from Priv.EDB?

The applied software must convert information store to pst entirely without skipping a single digit. If the mailbox database is corrupted then the tool must repair inaccessible data segment and helps to restore mails & related segments.

How EDB Converter is Right Choice?

Convert Exchange mailbox to PST file with following top-qualities of the application which makes is worthy for experts & novice users too.
  1. Export Single or Multiple Mailbox from EDB:
    This application exclusively provides choice to extract multiple user mailboxes or selectively extract single mailbox from EDB to Outlook.
  2. Repossess All Items Stored Inside DB:
    Access back stored mails, saved contacts, shared scheduled calendars, events, meetings or notes, tasks etc completely stored inside the mailboxes.
  3. Save Data in Structured Format:
    Retain original folder sequence of inbox, sent, deleted items, drafts, customized folders etc saved inside user accounts to safely backup exchange mailboxes to pst.
  4. Complementary Attributes:
    EDB to PST converter tool facilitates repairing EDB files if corrupted to successively convert information store to PST with all information attached.

Where to Get This Application to Solve the Problem:

First download freeware of the software for understanding the software functioning in better way. Freeware tool, freely convert Exchange mailbox to PST file but only 15 items per user account. However there is not such limitation with full version. Only make payment for full version to get unrestricted access to software only at $299.